Hydroponic Vegetables

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WRIS loves to talk about our clients, but being a Cleveland based company with Cleveland born leadership, we're also excited about local businesses doing cool things.  We're going to try to highlight more and more of these as the year goes on, but we're going to start with our friends at Great Lakes Growers.


GLG is based in Burton, Ohio, 34 miles east of downtown Cleveland, in eastern Geauga County. They are a grower of lettuces and herbs, and supply to both the food service (restaurant) industry, and large chain grocery stores throughout the Great Lakes region.  In existence only a...

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The Heartbleed Bug

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Many of our clients have been asking if they should be concerned about the The Heartbleed Bug and their website.  Our answer is no.  WRIS does not use the OpenSSL cryptographic software library and fortunately hosts 99% of our sites on a platform that is not susceptible to this bug.  Our outsourced partner for shared cPanel servers patched their servers on 4/9/14 to prevent any issues with the known Heartbleed bug.

Google Apps, Gmail users should not need to take any action. Google has issued a statement indicating they have patched Gmail and are confident that they did so before any damage could be done. To find out more about The...

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