R.S.V.P. (Responsive's So Very Paramount)

You have a website. You like it. Your clients like it. It’s working.

Now answer this: Is it working as well as it could? Is it responsively designed*?

*Responsive Design: An approach to web design that allows a website to detect the device being used to view it and respond accordingly by adjusting its size and format to be optimal for that device. Basically, the design responds to the device and delivers the most user-friendly format possible.

If your answer is ‘yes’, that’s good news. If your answer is ‘no’, please keep reading. Your website needs to be responsive and here’s why.

Out of the first 5 people...

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Getting Ready For: The Redesign

It’s a New Year. And you’ve made your first resolution. You’re going to redesign your website. Great! Making that decision is the first step...but now what? What should you do to prepare yourself for “the redesign”? Here are some suggestions for making your redesign a successful one.

Analyze your current site. Take a good look at your existing website and make a list of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Do you like the look or do you think it’s dated? Do customers have an easy time using it or do you find yourself fielding too many complaints? Think about what works and what doesn’t so that this time around you can replace...

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You Need a Content Management System - No More Excuses

There are many excuses people give when asked why their website is not backed by a content management system. Some of these include:

I’m not technical. I don’t have time. I might mess it up. They pay people to do that. We don’t have the budget.

And we don’t believe a single one of them. Here’s why:

I’m not technical.

If you mean that you don’t know how to code, that’s fine. Most people don’t, and a good content management system won’t require you to know that. What it will require you to do is to know how to turn on a computer,

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