To Blog or Not To Blog


Blogs have been around for over 20 years, and if anything they’ve become more popular. There are personal blogs, small-business blogs, big-business blogs, video blogs (vlogs), educational blogs...the list goes on and on. But one thing is for sure...if you have the means to maintain a blog, it can’t hurt.

So what can a blog do for you?


When we’re talking about a blog on a company’s website, the content usually revolves around industry news or products or services being offered. This is a great way to highlight your company as...

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The Bare Necessities


Whether you’ve had your website for decades or you are starting from scratch, there are a few elements or features that every website really needs to have.

Be Responsive -- At first, any online presence was enough to give you the confidence that customers would be able to find you. Soon, it was recommended that you also have a mobile-friendly version of your website, so that users looking for you on their smartphone would also be presented with a website that could be navigated easily from the smaller screen. Having more than one version of your website, though, means the added task of making sure both stay in sync. Enter

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3-2-1...Launch! Now What?

You just launched a nice, shiny, new website. The process of getting there was undoubtedly a fair amount of work and now you can’t wait to reap the benefits of your fresh online presence.

Should you stop there? Is just launching your website enough? Not usually. But don’t worry, there are things you can do to make sure your customers really do get to see fruits of your labor.

(1) Announce, Rinse, Repeat - Let the world know that you have a new website in your everyday communications. How? Just incorporate it into...

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