Code Management

Code management encompasses a range of tools and processes designed to give you a comprehensive view of how you handle different versions of source code. At WRIS, we can help you develop a new process or optimize an existing one. Our services include version control, code review, build processes, and release management.

Within the wider scope of managing code, platforms like GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket often come equipped with CI (Continuous Integration) tools or can integrate with external CI services. If you have not set up your tools of choice, we can assist in narrowing your options based on your needs. 

Additional Assistance for Git and CI

  • Version Control: Git and Bitbucket are specific tools designed primarily for version control as part of your Code Management process. These tools allow developers to track and manage changes to source code. With version control systems like Git, you can commit and push changes to shared repositories for a larger deployment to production. 
  • Continuous Integration (CI): CI is a development practice whereby developers frequently integrate code into a shared repository, often multiple times a day. This integrated code is then automaticaly tested to catch integration errors early. CI is an automated layer of code management ensuring the code being integrated (often managed using Git) into the main codebase is consistent and error-free. 

Leveraging the above tools can allow your applications to flourish and we can help! 

Project Management

The best teams with the smartest goals can still benefit from an experienced Project Manager. WRIS has seasoned Project Managers with experience managing application projects, multi-server setups, and ColdFusion team management.

Even the process of setting up a Code Management process for larger applications can benefit from Project Management, and WRIS can help.

Jira Ticketing

Jira is currently the most popular ticketing platform chosen by our clients. We have extensive knowledge in the deployment of a Jira Ticketing system customized to your needs. 

Time entries and estimates can be integrated into Employee Management systems to decrease your management time. Project templates can be set up to ease the process of starting or managing new and existing projects. With styles from Kanban, Scrum, or even bug tracking - Jira provides you an all-in-one solution allowing you to keep track of all the moving parts.

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