Making the (Up)Grade


In this day and age, it’s all about the upgrade. Whether it’s your cell phone or a hotel room or a seat on an airplane, an upgrade is generally a good thing that is welcomed. But there is at least one type of upgrade that some may view as daunting and unwelcome:

The ColdFusion (CF) Upgrade.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If your web-based application or website runs on an older version of ColdFusion, resisting the upgrade could mean the difference between efficiency and disaster. So how do you know if you need an upgrade and what’s involved?

If you are running on a legacy version of ColdFusion, it may no longer be supported by Adobe. That...

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Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days


If you’re in the sunblock or pool float industry, you are probably not currently experiencing lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Okay, well maybe crazy. But for many of us, the middle of summer means customers are taking vacations, putting their feet up, and generally just chilling out. Which can mean they are NOT going online and visiting your website.

Making it the perfect time for you to update it! You know, give it a new look, add some much-needed functionality, heck, maybe even overhaul it completely. Anything that you wouldn’t want to do during a time when changes could disrupt the customer experience.

If you haven’t done them yet, here are some...

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Winging It


At least a few times in your life you've probably muttered the phrase "Just wing it." When you "wing it" you improvise, or do something without proper preparation or time to rehearse.

Appropriate times to wing it may include:

Running into a prospective client and completely forgetting their name but wanting to close the sale Getting a last-minute invitation to the event-of-the-year and not having any time to go home and change Realizing it's the end of the month and you haven't posted a blog entry yet

However, one time you do NOT want to wing it is when you are creating your website. Sure, it's as easy as ever to just throw together a website with a...

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