Our team of expert ColdFusion Engineers approach every project with professionalism and confidence. Their skills range from application and website development, to legacy system modernizations and problem-solving. 

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Legacy Applications

As an official Adobe ColdFusion Partner, WRIS can provide support and maintenance of existing Legacy ColdFusion applications as well as bring your application to modern and secure standards.

New Applications

We have experience creating software applications from start to finish. Our services include engineering,  implementation and ongoing support. We can also help take an idea to market.


WRIS can help with the implementation of new security components or evaluation of existing systems. This includes comprehensive code and database reviews.


Outside integrations allow you to take advantage of existing software to quickly improve your application. Let us help you find and integrate with third party solutions.

Cloud Services

If you are looking to move your ColdFusion setup to the cloud, we can help. WRIS has experience with several cloud vendors like Amazon or Azure. In addition, we can help you take advantage of the many turnkey services the cloud has to offer. 


WRIS offers consulting services during initial project planning and organization. We can provide the process and structure necessary for a successful project.

Start Your Next Project With Us Today

Our Process

Step 1


WRIS will learn everything there is to know about your application: how you use it, what you need from it, and what you need from us. Our team will begin working wth you to gain proper access, ensuring we clearly understand the existing environment to execute the identified goals.

Step 2

Task and Project Work

Once properly onboarded, WRIS will begin to outline all necessary tasks required to complete the project(s). Projects can be scoped to a particular timeline or spread out in phases to accomodate budget or scheduling considerations. 

Step 3

Ongoing Support

Once your initial goals are successfully met, WRIS will remain available to assist you with any new needs that may arise. We can also serve as backup support to your own in-house team, as needed. 

ColdFusion Legacy Services