Gerber Collision & Glass’ New Benefits Enrollment Portal

How Gerber Collision & Glass Can Now Provide Their
Growing Employee Base with In-House Benefit Tools

For over seventy years, vehicle owners have trusted their automotive collision and auto glass repairs to Gerber Collision & Glass. Quality workmanship backed by their Lifetime Guarantee and outstanding customer service are just a couple of the reasons why their customers choose to bring their vehicles to Gerber. What started as a single auto glass and trim shop in Chicago has grown to be part of the largest collision auto body and windshield auto glass repair company in North America. Whether you need Gerber’s collision auto body repair services or auto glass repair and windshield replacement work, they will ensure that the repair is done right the first time. At Gerber Collision & Glass, their company philosophy is straightforward: “WOW Every Customer... Be the Best.” They are a team that is dedicated and committed to their mission, to continuous improvement, and to delivering superior value to our customers.

Gerber Collision & Glass’ annual benefits needed to catch up to their growing employee base. Quickly and securely.Online Benefits Portal

With their burgeoning success came many challenges. One issue was being able to accommodate their expanding number of employees with an accurate, supportive and cost-effective way of providing annual benefits. This meant working with a third-party provider or implementing an in-house solution. Either way, there was a daunting list of challenges to approach: 

  • Find a way to seamlessly accommodate a growing employee base with all relative benefits in one location
  • Determine if annual benefits enrollment operations must be handled by a third-party provider or can be  administered in-house
  • Customize all aspects of employee benefits, from administrative communications to payroll to healthcare coverage packages
  • Support the Company throughout the entire process and beyond
  • Cost-effective and flexible to grow with the Company over time

WRIS offered web-based solutions that would streamline Gerber Collision & Glass’ benefits enrollment operations and save them and their employees more money year-over-year.

After considering third-party enrollers, as well as facing difficult challenges in the past, it was determined that an in-house solution was the best route. That way, Gerber Collision & Glass would retain complete control over all benefit enrollment operations, from a design standpoint to communications and customer service.

WRIS offered a benefits enrollment portal with the following resolutions:

  • Efficiency and ease-of-use for both administrators and employees
  • Allow for a fully-customized and dynamic site
  • Consistent internal Company branding
  • Cost savings through in-house hosting, printing output, shipping costs and operational hours
  • Ongoing tech support throughout implementation, deployment and maintenance of the benefits enrollment portal
  • Delivery of dependable communication throughout all levels of the Company
  • Independent of third-party providers
  • Improved employee satisfaction

“WRIS didn’t reinvent the wheel [for benefits enrollment],
they reinvented the pricing.”

- Paul Ruiter, U.S. General Council and Human Resources Director,
Gerber Collision & Glass

Simply put, WRIS exceeded their expectations.

With WRIS, Gerber Collision & Glass now has a customized, fully-functioning in-house benefits enrollment portal for their employees. Not only are all operations controlled within the Company, they are able to grow as the Company grows. All while providing precisely what their employees need without sacrificing the bottom line.

Take a look at the results of their new benefits enrollment portal so far: 

  • Saved at least $500,000 over four years by designing in-house operations
  • Processing time was reduced by at least 160 hours
  • 90% participation rate by employees - the highest yet


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