Stronger and Greener: Resource Material Handling and Recyling's New Website

How Resource Material Handling and Recycling's Website Redesign
Gave Them More Visibility, More Clicks and More Customers

Founded in 1991, Resource Material Handling and Recycling has become the premier reusable container and pallet sales and leasing service throughout the United States. With more than 30 years of experience in the corrugated container industry, Resource offers both sales and leasing options with a wealth of knowledge behind every product they supply. They further expanded their product offering by entering the reusable plastic packaging sales market in 2010. Armed with a commitment to the environment,Resource wanted to rebrand themselves while highlighting their eco-friendly and cost-saving measures. And creating a new website was where they wanted to start. But there were a few concerns that needed to be examined in order to giveResource a solid foundation for their refreshed online presence.


Resource Material Handling and Recycling came to WRIS with some challenging issues.

They were looking for a complete redesign of their existing website that would represent their commitment to being a green company:

  • A new look that reinforced their environmental commitments
  • The ability to present further information on their products
  • A user-friendly website that is informative and eye-catching
  • Initiate visibility measures to generate more traffic
  • Web hosting and technical support for the new website
  • Secure environment for purchasing and data storage
  • Maintain cost-effeciency in the short and long term


WRIS presented solutions that would reinvigorate Resource's existing online presence.

WRIS believed that Resource needed more than just a new website. By implementing an SEO campaign and more assertive online marketing, more visitors would turn into potential customers without sacrificing a straightforward, user-friendly experience. And, with a revitalized rebranding that also incorporated their green initiatives, Resource's fresh face would foster growth into new business opportunities.


WRIS approached Resource with the following solutions:

  • Corporate logo redesign to reflect their green status
  • Website redesign for more dynamic, eye-catching appeal
  • Improved website functionality & usability
  • Monthly Pay-Per-Click (AdWords) campaign
  • Ongoing site development
  • Website hosting
  • Monthly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign for further visibility & results
  • Continuous technical support after launch


“WRIS’s team surpassed our expectations in developing our new
rebranding our company and creating a marketing and
SEO campaign 
to allow us to reach a broader audience with our
The response to our SEO campaign and our
new website have been tremendous.”

- Stacey Cremers, General Manager for Resource Material Handling and Recycling


WRIS exceeded Resource’s expectations.

With WRIS, Resource now has a professional-looking website that reflects their green perspective, offers more product information, and runs smoothly, quickly, and securely. More importantly, Resource also has powerful web marketing and SEO that takes their website to the next level. These tools give Resource the visibility and reach that will lead to more potential customers and higher sales.

Take a look at the results so far:

  • Total online sales from August 2011 - August 2012 were $430k; Between August 2012 (site launch) and February 2013 online sales alone were $300k
  • Between October 2012 and January 2013 site visits went from 400/month to 1,300/month as a result of the SEM campaign

See Resource's new website at, or you can download this case study.

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