- NS Lookup (Lookup DNS Records)

-- Kloth

- SPF Record

-- What is an SPF Record?

-- MX Toolbox (look it up)

- Public DNS Servers

-- Open DNS:,

Domain Names:

- Whois (Ownership, Expiration, Registrar, etc.)

-- Kloth

- Registrar (Where to get a domain name)

-- GoDaddy

Google Apps / Gmail:

- General

-- Apps Status Dashboard (Is Google having any problems with their services?)

-- Account Password Recovery

- Gmail

-- Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook (Use Google Apps with MS Outlook)

-- How to check Gmail Spam Folder

-- Setting up POP3 or IMAP

-- SMTP Server Settings

-- IMAP Server Settings

-- POP3 Server Settings

-- Less Secure Apps (Having problems connecting with IMAP or POP3)

-- Configure Copier or Printer to send mail via Gmail SMTP

-- SPF record for Gmail and Google Apps

- Email

-- Stop Spam from getting to your email server

-- Reflexion Smart Host - asp-submit.reflexion.net

Internet Resources:

- Speed Tests

-- Get VoIP

-- Speedtest.net

-- Speakeasy.net

- IP Address Lookup (Figure out your public IP address)

-- whatismyip.com

-- whatismyipaddress.com

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