Boyd Group - HR Portal

Skills: ColdFusion, Server Management, Marketing, Project Management

The Boyd Group came to us with multiple goals over the years. With ever evolving needs, WRIS rose to the challenge. 

Services Provided:

Server Management • Project Management ColdFusion Development
Data Processing • Reporting Marketing Support

Project Detail

As a trusted partner and client, The Boyd Group brings WRIS Web Services creative development opportunities on a regular basis. One of our more complex endeavors involved the development of a custom Human Resources application. Now simply known as the "HR Portal".

With various companies and divisions throughout the United States and Canada, The Boyd Group employs thousands of employees at hundreds of locations at any given time.  There are dozens of employment positions, each with its own set of requirements. The goal was ambitious and complex: build a custom portal allowing Boyd to manage every aspect of the employment process, from interviewing, hiring, and onboarding, to salary adjustments, performance reviews, and vacation scheduling. The application supports several levels of review and approval, and was designed to integrate with third-party tools.

Where We Are Today

After the HR Portal was completed and expanded upon, WRIS began to assist in various other areas of their online needs. From assistance implementing Marketing goals, to multi-server management, and eventually Wordpress Hosting and assistance for their new brands - WRIS continues to value the ongoing partnership with Boyd.