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If you've ever been to an amusement park and had your picture taken as you enter the park, or had your face transformed into a lion, you have probably worked with our client.

As North America's largest art and photo concession company, with locations in 18 states, it's no surprise that Kaman's Art Shoppes needs hundreds of artistic, creative, energetic people on their team. They needed an efficient way to recruit new employees and worked with WRIS Web Services on the development of KamansJobs.com.

The clean, responsive employment portal gives potential employees access to the many available positions throughout the country. And because the Kaman team is able to keep the entire website updated -- from locations to available positions to job descriptions -- site visitors always have access to the most up-to-date information. And if they make the decision to apply for a position, the detailed online application easily captures all relevant information that is needed, including the ability to upload examples of work.

Then, through the Content Manager, the Kaman team has easy access to all submitted information and can even add internal notes and track applicant status, from receipt of the initial application to the extension of a job offer.

Kaman's Art Shoppes - Jobs Portal  
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