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More Than Site Design

More Than Site Design

More Than Site Design

Digital Marketing Requires the Right Foundation

A truly successful Digital Marketing Campaign extends beyond the campaign itself. The plan of action needs to be integrated into the website framework as well. To build a foundation for results, you must align your business goals with your online presence.  Here are 3 pillars to focus on that will put you on the right path.  

The First Pillar: Site Design | UI/UX

You want a mix of “wow factor” UX (User Experience) and streamlined UI (User Interface). A campaign that leads the user to a well thought out and integrated site will be key to winning, whatever the end game.  

Is Design more important than Functionality?

How your site looks, AND how it acts, is the focus of a digital marketing site that leads to high conversion rates. Design elements reflect the company image in a way that truly speaks to your future and current customer base. The functionality of your site, while the concern of the Web Developer, must work well with the design elements both within the site and in the campaign.  Sites that are built as a part of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign are simple and easy to use with high value UI/UX elements that work together to engage and serve the customer.

Make Users feel like it’s built just for them

Why are they there?  Do they feel good when they visit your site? What do they need and how do they get there?  This is where you have the ability to really connect with your visitors and build relationships. A campaign is never just a campaign, it’s all about building your brand, and making a connection that increases the likelihood that they will be back the next time too. Make it easier for them to choose your site, your services, your business.

The Second Pillar: SEO (paid & organic)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a much broader term now than it was 10 years ago. Ever since companies began building community through social media, SEO’s grasp has extended beyond the conventional search engine and started including everyone’s favorite social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, youtube, and yes, now tik-tok.

Organic SEO

This term refers to the leveraging of keywords and keyword phrases that emphasize your business services to better connect potential customers with your business in the algorithmic eyes of search engines. The goal is to have a blend of keywords/keyword phrases while keeping your content highly relevant and readable. Routine efforts to add or change content to your site is often viewed favorably by the search engine algorithms. Changing content need not be major, it can be as easy as updating copy, posting current announcements, or adding a photo.  

Paid SEO

Paid SEO is interchangeable with paid advertising. Today, your digital advertising campaign budgets are split across conventional search engines like google and more localized systems that you find in social media platforms. The split between budget varies by your business product/service. For example, a B2B product/service has typically seen better ROI on Google Adwords and a consumer product will typically see a better ROI when focusing on Social Media advertising like Facebook Ads. It’s all about the right audience for your business seeing the right content in the right place at the right time. 

The Third Pillar: Content Creation

Content can be anything from copy, to pictures, to videos or even data.  What they must have in common, however, is your brand, the information your visitors seek, and the next step or call to action.  All of this information is food for the “crawlers”, automated programs that run through your website looking for relevant information for the search engines.

Give the crawlers something NEW to look at

As the algorithms that govern SEO have evolved, there has been a growing relationship between content creation and user relevance. Since user relevance is the core focus of the algorithms, finding a relationship that directly boosts relevance becomes more heavily weighted. Any new content gives the crawlers something to update for the searches, and frequent updates can influence rankings. Again, new content can be as simple as a timely update, a title change or an announcement.

Trending with Time

While it is not as impactful in the short term, the long term view of a site that is routinely engaging users, typically showcases a positive user relevance trend. Don’t expect a quick turn around as this is a long game strategy, but a powerful one.

It’s Pillar Time!

Taking these 3 Pillars into account when planning out your Digital Marketing Campaign provides an opportunity for you to put forth a cohesive package that will directly impact user response. This kind of planning requires truly knowing your audience and your business objectives, and uses every opportunity to present your message to the right audience - your intended audience - to get the results you want. Now that’s the right foundation for your successful campaign.

Let WRIS help you build the right Digital Marketing Campaign for your needs.  Check out some of our Digital Marketing Offerings or Contact Us today!

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