Small Businesses Partner to Expand Offerings

With the current situation worldwide, it may be getting difficult to continue moving forward with business as usual. A lot of us are struggling with the day to day, whether you are a business owner or a contributor. Everywhere you turn you see many posts regarding being in this together. For Small Businesses this has never been more true. We are stronger together! 


This brings to mind our long standing partnership with Company 119. Many years ago we were in need of some assistance with complementary services we were unable to provide internally, but had a client in need. Through a referral we reached out to Company 119 and as the story goes,

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We're Here For You


Along with many other companies across the country, you are probably making the transition to working from home. If you aren’t accustomed to this type of work then it can be a scramble to make sure your processes and systems are secure. And then you’re faced with figuring out how to maintain open communication with your team. Fortunately, WRIS has years of experience operating as a remote company. We may have the solutions your company needs or we can connect you with the right resources and tools to make a smooth transition!

As a remote facing, web service company we take both security and team communications very seriously. With all that is going on in the...

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Adobe ColdFusion This Year

Congratulations, you’ve earned an upgrade! Those are the words you’d love to hear when it comes to just about anything...airline seats, concert tickets, hotel room, etc.

So if an upgrade is a good thing, why not show your ColdFusion applications or website the same courtesy, and upgrade to ColdFusion 2018?

There are some pretty significant advantages to this.

Performance and Scale

Apps in ColdFusion 2018 run 45% faster than before.

This means the ColdFusion scripts execute faster than before. If you have a complex script that you’re trying to run, it’s now much more efficient and reduces...

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