WRIS Web Services Announces Launch of JCC Milwaukee Website


WRIS Web Services is pleased to announce the launch of the redesigned JCC Milwaukee website (http://jccmilwaukee.org).  By taking advantage of online management and communication resources, both teams were able to maintain a successful relationship despite the distance between them and without ever meeting face-to-face.  The result is a fresh, clean website that provides a variety of features for current and prospective members.

The custom-designed site boasts numerous interactive features including a calendar which integrates with a third-party system and gives visitors access to the entire program schedule for the organization.  In addition, the site is backed by WRIS' proprietary content management system which allows the JCC Milwaukee complete control over the website’s content. 

WRIS partnered with BOOM Creative (http://www.boom-creative.com) on the clean, attractive design of the website. 

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