To Blog or Not To Blog


Blogs have been around for over 20 years, and if anything they’ve become more popular. There are personal blogs, small-business blogs, big-business blogs, video blogs (vlogs), educational blogs...the list goes on and on. But one thing is for sure...if you have the means to maintain a blog, it can’t hurt.

So what can a blog do for you?


When we’re talking about a blog on a company’s website, the content usually revolves around industry news or products or services being offered. This is a great way to highlight your company as not only a provider, but also a knowledgeable source of information. So while your website can present the technical specifications and advantages of what you provide, a blog can further support those claims while presenting your company as more than just an online interface. After all, a blog is more conversational in nature, and having a conversation with your audience is great customer service. Why? Because it shows that you have a personal investment in what you do...that you care.


If you are at a place where you are maintaining a blog, chances are you are also on at least one of the social media platforms. And original blog content means instant material! Not only will you have something to tweet, share, or pin, but chances are that post will also draw your audience right back to your website to read the full story. Bonus.


When you write a blog post, you want to be truthful, personable, and smart. Truthful, because obviously your audience won’t appreciate deception. Personable, because that’s what a blog is supposed to be...a chance for your audience to connect to your company on a more personal level. But you also have to be smart. Are you blogging about the advantages of a specific process that your products also happen to support? Then it only makes sense that your products would be mentioned in the blog post, along with links to appropriate information. So not only are you providing good information, you are inviting customers and potential customers right into your site.


It’s no secret that Google loves fresh, relevant content. It’s one of the most important factors considered when figuring out how to display search results and ranking. So if your actual site content doesn’t change on a regular basis, a blog is a fantastic way to encourage search engine crawls. Frequent crawls can reward you for the regular updates a blog dictates. A nice little organic boost that doesn’t require too much effort.

If you think you are ready to add a blog to your website, we can help you navigate all your options and you’ll be an official blogger in no time.

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