Your Vote Counts


Everyone has certain websites they frequent on a regular basis. Whether it’s used for banking, shopping, current events or something in between, we tend to have our favorites, and usually for a reason. Maybe it’s the website for your favorite brick-and-mortar store. Or maybe it’s the website for the news network you watch daily. Whatever it is, chances are you know there are other options out there, but you stick with your faves.

If you are extremely lucky, you like every single thing about it. And even if given the chance you wouldn’t change one click or pixel on it. But most of us aren’t that lucky. Even your most visited sites have something about it that you wish was different, better, or faster. Maybe, no matter how many times you’ve been there, you still find it tricky logging into your account. Perhaps you would like the option to view by brand instead of by price. Or maybe you wish you could choose which headlines displayed at the top of the page. However, since you like everything else about the site and the comparable sites you’ve tested don’t come close, it’s still your favorite and you remain a loyal visitor.

When you visit a site, you become that site’s customer. You might not be paying for a service, but you are providing that site with traffic, and in general, a website needs traffic to stay alive. So if you’re needed, then why not make your opinion heard? Chances are, if you find something about a site frustrating, you are not alone. So let the organization behind the website know that!

Many sites have a ‘feedback’ option available on every page. Simply use that to let them know what you think could make the site even better. And even if there isn’t a feedback option, there’s always good old ‘contact us’. Use the form or email to share your opinion. A business can’t improve if it doesn’t realize there is a problem, so let them know! If enough people take the time to offer their opinion, the webmaster will notice.

And honestly, as long as you are providing honest, legitimate feedback, companies will review and consider it. Because while they may be ON their website often, do they really use it? No. Which makes site visitors - customers - the best critics. So use your voice. Cast your vote. Make your opinion heard.

Because who knows….a few months down the road you might go to your favorite site -- the one that's tricky to log into -- and see a big, red LOGIN button staring right at you from the homepage.

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