Why You Should Upgrade Your Adobe ColdFusion This Year

Congratulations, you’ve earned an upgrade! Those are the words you’d love to hear when it comes to just about anything...airline seats, concert tickets, hotel room, etc.

So if an upgrade is a good thing, why not show your ColdFusion applications or website the same courtesy, and upgrade to ColdFusion 2018?

There are some pretty significant advantages to this.

Performance and Scale

Apps in ColdFusion 2018 run 45% faster than before.

This means the ColdFusion scripts execute faster than before. If you have a complex script that you’re trying to run, it’s now much more efficient and reduces server strain - allowing you to process more pages faster.


The auto-lockdown feature has reduced 8 hours of lockdown time to 1.5 minutes.

This makes it easier to roll out a secure installation of ColdFusion.


Asynchronous programming boosts the performance of the principal application by offloading resource-intensive code segments to a secondary thread.

Asynchronous programming is actually pretty impressive. It lets you fire off scripts that don’t need to wait until the rest of the script has loaded. This also allows that “off-shoot” to call back and let the rest of the script know when it's complete. It allows you to load a page and not have to wait on all the requested assets to download before drawing the page.

It doesn’t matter if your current ColdFusion platform is one generation behind or three, we can help. Our developers are skilled in legacy ColdFusion, allowing them to easily transition your application or website. There usually isn’t any downtime, and if there is, it’s minimal and scheduled in advance.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today. The only thing you’ve got to lose is a slow, outdated website.

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