The Benefits of Using Elementor for your WordPress Site

Can you remember what it was like creating a website twenty or so years ago? In case you forgot, building an engaging website was a time-consuming collaboration among copywriters, developers, and project managers who required extensive coding knowledge. Making a few simple changes to the site was a frustratingly long process. 

No coding required

Today, almost anyone can build a website without knowing how to code, thanks to a page builder plugin called Elementor. Its free version is perfect for beginners since it's so easy to use, and you can create your page and content layouts from scratch or select from the available ready-to-use templates and page designs. 

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A Closer Look: Benefits of using React and Angular

A Closer Look:Benefits of using React and Angular

Starting behind the scenes, both Angular and React are part of a group known as “JavaScript Frameworks”. Using these frameworks, developers can efficiently develop interactive and professional looking web applications.

JavaScript is a client-side programming language which simplifies the whole process of developing large-scale web applications. JavaScript is extensively used by the web developers to create add interactive features to their applications. Most of the internet browsers support JavaScript, which allows dynamic content to get displayed beautifully on web pages across various devices,

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Brand Identity: more than a logo

“A Brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company. A Brand is not what YOU say it is. A Brand is what THEY say it is.” 

- Martin Neumeier in “The Brand Gap”

What is Brand Identity?

Simply stated, brand identity is the look and feel of your brand. It’s the way you choose to set yourself apart from the competition, and make yourself memorable to your target audience.  There are plenty of tangible ways to accomplish this that go way beyond your logo, and all the pieces must work together to convey the correct message.

Logo, color...

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