ColdFusion Team Support

Launch Year(s): 2022-Present
Skills: ColdFusion, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, API's, Linux

When you lose your main developer and your applications are crucial to your business functions, it is essential that you find the right team to step in and keep things running smoothly with little to no prior knowledge. This client had just that occur and WRIS was able to help get their peace of mind back. 

Services Provided:

CF Improvements  Code Audits  Help Desk Backup
Server ManagementCustom API Support

Project Detail

After having a dedicated developer for over a decade and quite suddenly no longer having them by your side, the company rushed to provide their team and applications the support it desparately needed. WRIS was able to review all code and begin documenting how the servers, systems, and processes worked. From there, logs were put into place to begin tracking important information and make support a smoother experience.

Once the servers and applications were running more smoothly and documentation was being gradually built upon, WRIS stepped in to assist in their Help Desk functions. Assisting them with a helpdesk ticketing system that serviced 200+ customers. To improve this process even more, portions of the system rewritten and upgrades to certain areas were added. Keeping the ship afloat and sailing in the right direction. 

Ongoing Service

With a lot of their processes based on custom API's that connect to third parties, WRIS continues to document and put logs in place to better understand sent and received data. Improving code and processes all while documenting it all so that when their team grows in the future, it will all be laid out in front of them in an easy to follow manner.