Employee Management Portal

Launch Year(s): 2021-Present
Skills: ColdFusion, HRIS, Responsive Design, Integrated Authentication, 3rd-Party Integration, Encryption, Security

Our client came to us needing a place to manage their employees, locations, event approvals, and reporting. They found that many 'out of the box' HR solutions did not fit their needs and left them having to let go of many important functions. Together with WRIS they were able to have all of the functions they wanted and more. 

Services Provided:

Server Management • Project Management Clerical
3rd Party Vendor Integration • Reporting Merger Support

Project Detail

In order to provide a fully custom Employee Management Portal, this project blended many large 3rd party systems into a single easy-to-use system. Normalizing the data fed from each system and allowing for cross-system reporting. Providing the ability to control each employee's requests and approval process with unique rule-based escalations.

Once the new cross-system reporting was in place, they were given reporting capabilities that were not possible before. These reports allowed for regional business forecasting to enhance their ability to plan. 

Ongoing Support

Now that their HRIS system is fully operational WRIS continues to provide support in many areas as new needs arise. Our Project Management in conjunction with their team allows us to provide continued development and consulting. Along with adopting a new strategy in assisting them to normalize their data entry.