Insurance Portal Management

Launch Year(s): 2022
Skills: ColdFusion, IIS, Server Admin, UI/UX Development, Security Audit Remediation, Jira

Assisting a Title Insurance firm with their legacy in-house application. Improving calculations and saving them time and money! With ongoing security, server, and code services. 

Services Provided:

ColdFusion Development  Security Audit Remediation  Server Administration
Jira TaskingUI/UX Improvements

Project Detail

With their current development firm retiring, our client came to us needing someone to take over ticket management and all improvements needed to their legacy Title Insurance Portal. Complexity and lots of moving parts narrowed down the search to a handful of companies. WRIS Web Services took over in June of 2022.  The entire project is managed through Jira tasking, and during the initial onboarding we were able to take on backlog tasks to get them up and running. WRIS created a brand new admin tool specific to this client that allowed us to view exceptions by occurrence so that prioritization of bug fixes could be applied. 

One of our first improvements came from finding that their calculations were off by a penny in some cases, slowing down their process by preventing an export/import of the information into their accounting system. Once the problem was identified we improved the code to correctly calculate the values on the first run. 

Ongoing Service

With over 200 Jira tasks completed and counting, we have big plans for this client in the coming year. These include a deployment pipeline and refactoring legacy aspects of the system to modernize the application. With ongoing server and code assistance to continue to make their system the best they can have!