Blue Sky Green Fields’
New Website:

How Their Redesigned Website &
Search Engine Optimization
Delivers a Fresh User Experience Every Day

Blue Sky Green Fields (BSGF), an online retailer of the freshest “farmer’s market” quality produce, offers unmatched customer service and group delivery directly to employees as part of workplace wellness programs. BSGF partners with organizations to offer the freshest and most affordable produce available, sourcing as much local and organic products as possible. When local and organic products are not available, they may offer the equivalent, conventionally produced items. When it comes to perishable foods, time is of the essence; BSGF is able to buy from their suppliers the FRESHEST products being supplied. There is no minimum order, which allows any employee to take advantage of BSGF’s great prices on their favorite naturally delicious foods with free workplace delivery. So, when customers shop the Blue Sky Green Fields website from the comfort of their home or office, fresh local organic produce is as simple as logging on!


Blue Sky Green Fields needed a fresher way to track orders. For their customers and for themselves.

BSGF wanted to expand their customer base, but were facing a number of obstacles that was making that very challenging. With the tracking of orders and an infrastructure that could not handle what they already had, it was time to examine what challenges were holding up BSGF’s potential growth and successful online business:

  • Make the website more user-friendly and easier to navigate, place orders, and store customer information securely
  • Improve order management and tracking capabilities for both the customer and internally without disruption of service
  • Implement enhanced operations within the site, such as label printing for orders
  • Design a more stable and streamlined infrastructure that will enable the website to run faster and more smoothly
  • Generate more traffic to the BSGF website to cultivate customer base


WRIS offered a redesigned infrastructure, a crisp-looking new website, and web-based solutions that would give Blue Sky Green Fields the growth opportunities they’ve been looking for.

After taking a hard look at the challenges that the existing website presented, it was determined that a complete overhaul of the infrastructure was key. BSGF would be able to reorganize their offerings with the best possible customer service as the foundation. They could then focus on expanding their customer base by implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to generate more traffic to their refreshed online services.

WRIS built BSGF’s infrastructure and website with the following resolutions:

  • Redesign the existing online infrastructure with a more cohesive, streamlined approach
  • Design a new website and logo, offering an enhanced user experience and fresh rebranding
  • Order management and tracking built into the site for both the customer and BSGF’s internal operations
  • Apply SEO strategies to generate more traffic to the BSGF website once the relaunch takes place
  • Allow for further customization for BSGF’s ever-changing product offerings and expanding customer base

“WRIS Web Services has done an excellent job custom designing and maintaining our web site. They’re very patient, extremely informative, and respond quickly to our needs with complete professionalism. They even took the time to learn about our business so they may suggest best next steps for our website improvement and development. It’s been a pleasure working with WRIS and we are really looking forward to a continuing, long relationship with them!”

-Nicole Kirch, VP of Sales, Blue Sky Green Fields


Simply put, WRIS exceeded BSGF’s expectations.

Since their website was relaunched, Blue Sky Green Fields has seen a remarkable improvement in their online sales. Just check out the results below:

  • Total sales have soared since the relaunch of their new website, increasing almost 75% per week on average
  • The number of online orders have shot up more than 37%
  • They have more than tripled their online customer base
  • Monthly site visits have increased from 9,300 in October 2012 to 17,000 in May 2013
  • Plans for expansion into additional markets in Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

See these exciting results for yourself. Download this case study.

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