WRIS Celebrates Our Nonprofit Clients During National Nonprofit Day!

WRIS Celebrates Our Nonprofit Clients During National Nonprofit Day!

Did you know that National Nonprofit Day is this month? What better time to acknowledge and celebrate our amazing nonprofit clients? We are so proud to serve the amazing nonprofits we work with, as we know it helps to get their message out to the people that need to see it most. 

A special nonprofit client we would like to highlight this month is The Sisters of Notre Dame of the United States (SND USA) and their ministry -Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) - whose focus covers one of the 3 main mission priorities of SND USA . This organization is doing amazing work, and we couldn’t be happier to work with them!

The Sisters of Notre Dame of the United States

The Sisters of Notre Dame of the United States came to WRIS Web Services during a time of change. Previously the organization was divided into four separate regional areas within the United States. Each of these regions had their own website with its unique look. The goal of the project was to combine all four websites into one without losing regional individuality. 

With the assistance of representatives from each of the four regions, we narrowed down the needed functions and content. From there, we created a new home page with their modern brand which showcased all four regions. We did this while also keeping a strong focus on ease of use. We were able to ensure a user could quickly make it from the home page to relevant sections in as few clicks as possible. 

By accomplishing this task and helping them to meet many other goals, WRIS was able to boost the reach of The Sisters of Notre Dame of the United States and create a better overall user experience for their target audience.


From there, SND USA brought us their ministries that were in need of websites or new looks. Among them was Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation. JPIC is a charitable organization that helps to empower those that have been marginalized by providing them with education, advocacy, and direct service. It is a Catholic organization that provides support for women, children, refugees, migrants, and victims of human trafficking in the United States. 

We built the JPIC website from the ground up! Including the use of Elementor (which is a page builder for WordPress). Elementor makes it easy for our clients to maintain their websites once their sites are built, and WRIS offers training for clients that would like to maintain their sites after their creation. Achieving the goals of JPIC and bringing the education and opportunity for advocacy to their users also brought WRIS Web Services the WebAward for Outstanding Website 2022 in the nonprofit industry. 

Help Us Celebrate!

We ask our clients to help us in celebrating National Nonprofit Day by donating to your favorite nonprofits! We can all make the world a little bit better by showing outstanding nonprofits the support they deserve. 

Thank you to each and every nonprofit that has trusted WRIS Web Services for their online needs over the years. We enjoy working with you and helping you achieve your goals. With your help, we hope to continue to serve you for many years to come. 

Are you a nonprofit looking for web development, design, cloud, ColdFusion, or marketing services? Reach out to WRIS. We proudly serve businesses run by people of all backgrounds. We believe in equal opportunity and providing the best service possible to all of our clients! 

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