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Web-Based Business Solutions

We won’t try to fit your square problem into a round solution. Our core products are highly adaptable, and if that’s still not enough, we can build custom apps for tasks large and small. Whether you want to simplify an existing process, or add brand new capabilities, we’ll build you the right tool for the job.  We design and develop online tools to help our clients operate more efficiently.  Below are several examples.  

Browser-Based Software:

Customer Support Ticketing System:

We honed our understanding of how browser-based software can lead to smoother internal operations back when we built our customer-support ticket system which tracks every detail of a client's need from the initial request until the matter is resolved.  This tool also allows our support staff to communicate and collaborate on these same manners.  This ticket system replaced back and forth emails and hand written reminders on post-it notes.

Reputation/Feedback Management Portal:

Since then we have built customer-feedback portals for our clients that help managers to respond quickly to specific concerns and to spot trends. One database receives input directly from the public, via the web site, and from the customer service and social media teams, through the site’s CMS. With all available information about customer experience in one place, a wide variety of reports can be generated that can help improve service, efficiency and sales.  Negative feedback can be dealt with and resolved right away and positive feedback can be shared through content and social media marketing efforts.

HR Benefits Enrollment Portal:

Other projects have taken us into the HR department of a large corporation where we have simplified the benefits enrollment process for thousands of employees and HR staff.  Paper forms and data being collected in individually managed spreadsheets were eliminated.

There are many more examples but the common thread is easy access to information.  In every industry, details and big picture are equally important.  The business that can see both is less likely to fall behind and more likely to get a jump on the competition. Learn More by taking a look at this example.  


Web Modules:

Our web-based content management system includes a variety of add-on web modules that will add functionality to your website. Our clients can pick and choose modules that work best for their businesses including, but not limited to:

Appointment Schedulers & Online Quotes

Maximize user convenience by accepting appointments or offering price quotes through your web site, instantly, for prospective customers. We’ll work with you to determine the options from which customers can choose, and the responses they’ll receive. Users could access the service from a desktop computer or mobile device.

Store Locator & Local Landing Page Management

Convert online traffic into in-store foot traffic with a dynamic Store Locator that automatically shows the searcher a custom landing page for the nearest location. These pages can display as many details about each location as you like, from address, phone number and hours to a map, images and even reviews from past customers. Online appointment scheduling is also possible.

Shopping Cart & Secure Checkout

Our inStore eCommerce Management System allows you to manage your products, activate specials and display compatible and related items during the shopping process. Shipping prices and credit card payments are fully integrated and secure, making your online store convenient and seamless.

We also have build Event Calendars, Portfolios,  Online Directories and more.

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